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Active in flax cultivation for generations

We, the Decaluwé family, have been active in flax cultivation for several generations. In 2000, we were one of the first companies to dust and package flax stalks so that they could be used as stable litter. Our litter is mainly intended for horses but can also be used just as well with cows, chickens, rabbits, birds and rodents.

Both the flax processing and the packaging of the flax stalks take place in our flax company in Olsene (Zulte). The flax cultivation itself takes place mainly in Wallonia. We recently installed a brand-new packaging installation. As a result, we can now supply pallets with a maximum of 60 packs. Although without compressing the packs too hard. As a result, the bags are still easy to pour out and distribute in stables.


Here you can order flax stalks online

Feel free to send us a message if you want to receive more information about our operation. Ordering flax stalks can easily be done through our private online store or through our business platform. While we typically request that orders be collected from us, we are happy to make an exception for full loads of flax stalks. We then provide transport in various regions.

Industrial pallets flax stalks
From €165.36 VAT incl.
From €136.66 VAT excl.
Euro-pallets flax stalks
From €103.35 VAT incl.
From €85.41 VAT excl.